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What are open access memberships and agreements?

Taylor & Francis open access memberships and agreements offer institutions and researchers a bespoke solution to publishing OA. They simplify the open access process for authors and reduce costs and administration for librarians.

Memberships and agreements can mean that individual authors benefit from discounted article publishing charges (APCs) or can publish open access at no cost to themselves.

We work with individual institutions, funders, and consortia to design the right agreement to meet their open access goals. Common OA solutions include:

Transformative agreements

Transformative open access agreements are made between libraries and publishers so that authors don’t need to pay APCs to make the final version of their articles open access. Through these partnerships, sometimes called ‘read & publish’ agreements, an increasing proportion of library spend supports open access publishing services, while enabling their users to continue reading subscription content.

Open access memberships

An institutional membership is where an institution will set up a fund with a publisher for their authors to publish gold open access. These funds can often be topped up depending on usage so it is always worth authors checking with their librarians to request funds be made available for their research to be made open access.

Find out how you and your institution could benefit from having an open access membership

Use the filter on this page to find out what open access publishing support is currently available in your region and country. If your organization does not currently have an agreement, why not ask your librarian or scholarly communications team if funds to publish open access are available?

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